Keiichi I.

“When I tried to sell my condo in Downtown L.A., the real estate market already experienced the downturn. I shopped around several agents, but no one agreed to the retail price I suggested. I realized that I squandered a chance to sell my property. When I went to Wilshire Metro Realty, Evan Fujii gave me some practical advice advising me with the most cost effective renovations needed. I sold my home in a short time, at the highest price at that period. Thank you Evan!”

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Roy & Kiku

“Our experience with Wilshire Metro Realty has been wonderful. Evan was our agent and did a great job helping us negotiate a price for our home, in a lovely neighborhood. Buying a home is not simple process, but Evan was very knowledgeable and thorough. His help continued even after the purchase by recommending movers, painters, flooring and other service contractors making our home what it is today, a dream home. For those of you looking for your own, we strongly recommend Evan with Wilshire Metro Realty.
Roy and K ”

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Glenn H.

“Evan is an experienced agent. He helped us sell our condo and purchase a new home. With his help, we were able to close simultaneous escrows. With his resourcefulness, we had our condo on the market within a short period of time and our condo sold immediately. Also, with his knowledge of the market, we were able to save $30,000 on the purchase price of our new home. We definitely would recommend Evan’s service to anyone interested in either selling our purchasing a home.”

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Connie & Maury

“We would like to acknowledge the high degree of professionalism, expertise and courtesy that we were treated to at Wilshire Metro Realty. We especially want to thank Evan Fujii and Russel Chan for their tireless efforts, suggestions and guidance on our behalf as we looked for and eventually bought the home that suited us best.

We were relative new-comers to California and the LA area in particular, and although we knew the general area within the city that we favored, we were not acquainted with all of the complex issues that needed to be considered to make the best decisions. They helped us locate and view many potential places pointing out the relative costs for buying each and for fixing each up to a level that suited us, as well as explaining, when necessary, the fine details and their significance regarding the nature and status of the vendor. They also carefully identified some of the finer features and/or areas of concern in each case. When we finally decided to put in an offer on one of the homes, they helped us choose a strategy designed to help us extract the best purchase price and a favorable time frame. These latter particularly required their expertise, care and hard work during the final negotiations.

The selection and eventual purchase of the home we chose, while being the major part of the concerns we had and efforts we undertook during this period, was only one section of several we had to focus on. At every turn, Wilshire Metro Realty provided invaluable help and many good quality contacts as we worked on the financing, insurance and selection of an escrow company to complete the purchase. Evan and Russel, by virtue of their long track record in the area, know many courteous and professional people who they can highly recommend because, over the years, these people have demonstrated the same kind of service that is the hallmark of Wilshire Metro Realty. This even extends to some home renovation and repair companies one of which we used to do some remodeling after we purchased our new home.

We want to thank Wilshire Metro Realty for all of their exceptional work on our behalf. It is in no small part due to their considerable efforts that we are now in our lovely newly purchased home. In the future we intend to highly recommend them to any of our friends when they are looking for a real estate company. ”

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